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Credit Card Processing Services: Everything You Need to Know

Reliable credit card processing services can make it easy for a business owner to accept cards directly through their website to significantly increase their sales. However, as a business owner today with an e-commerce store, it can be quite difficult to wade through the many options in payment processing services to make an educated decision.

While most payment processing services will offer real-time online credit card processing, processing credit cards by hand via a website is still possible, although it’s not recommended. Real-time online card processing is much more efficient, accurate, and secure since a customer will submit their payment information directly so that a credit card can be processed right away. Yes, fees and extra charges may be higher in this case, but it is well worth the investment in saving time and protecting the private information of a customer.

Online Credit Card Processing Services: 2 Basic Options

1) All-in-One: All-in-one services like Google Checkout and PayPal can be beneficial to online business owners hoping to cover all of their bases in one place without setting up a merchant account on their own. This can be a good choice for new or very small online businesses with a low sales volume due to the lower monthly operating costs, but growing businesses may find them too limiting.

Card Processing Services

With all-in-one credit services, setup is efficient and inexpensive. Normally, you will only pay a startup fee plus a small charge for each credit card transaction that is made.

2) Merchant Account: As your business begins to grow and make more sales, it may be time to transition to payment processing services that offer an individual merchant account. Setting up this type of account provides an advantage because it will lower your transaction fees as opposed to all-in-one payment processors.

Yes, you may have to pay more for the startup cost, as well as a monthly fee and individual transaction costs. It may take longer for a merchant account application to be approved, but it will provide you with the security and control you need to manage all customer payments at a high-volume directly through your website.

Setting Up a Merchant Account

For very small online businesses, you can set up a credit card processing account directly through Google Checkout or PayPal for all-in-one card processing services. Otherwise, you can apply individually with top providers online like, Flagship Merchant Services or Titan Merchant Services, in order to set up an account for your website.

To set up your own merchant account, you must have a business checking account, a Federal tax ID number, an active website, a registered domain name, and a website with its own secure checkout system.

Prices for Card Processing Services

I paid about $23.00 - $8.00 monthly processing plus $15.00 web service. I did not request a terminal.

- Buyer from Computers, Kent, Washington

We were happy with the prices we received of $99.00 for the machine, no start up or termination fee. Not locked in at all, we can cancel anytime. Rates were consistant and matched other vendors.

- Buyer from Retail Industry, Annapolis, Maryland

I merged our CCP with the POS system I bought from Advanced Point of Sale and I found them through BuyerZone orginally.

- Buyer from Retail Industry, Charlotte, North Carolina

We have 60 days of no statement fees. 1.65% swiped rate. $19.95/month thereafter.

- Buyer from Advertising, Tampa, Florida

The processing service we went with charges an initial $99 with no contract and they included the machine set to go. It will be billed on a monthly bases and I can cancel whenever I want if I'm not happy with the service or fees.

- Buyer from Retail Industry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I paid $750 for the equipment, 2-3 1/2% for processing, $20/month for wireless communications, with a $25 minimum and $9 monthly service charge.

- Buyer from Retail Industry, Cumming, Georgia

Our credit card processing service charged us $280.00 for equipment, and $20.00 per month for service.

- Buyer from Construction Industry, Croydon, Pennsylvania

Other buyers are looking for

I have several clients with a credit card on file. I currently am using Sage and looking for a better deal. We average about $13,000 in processing a month.

- Business Services, Lake Elmo, MN

I am a mobile Automotive and Diesel Repair Company. Card processing will happen in person or over the phone.

- Automotive Industry, Chehalis, WA

Looking for card processing for art & craft classes as well as retail sales for home & garden items.

- Retail Industry, Calera, AL

I run a retail greenhouse nursery selling bedding plants and fruit trees direct to the customer and would like to start offering credit card processing services.

- Agriculture, Plainview, AR

Beauty salon services. I would like each operator to be able to accept credit cards and have it go into their own account.

- Salon, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Martial Arts school collecting monthly tuition and purchases of uniforms and equipment - in need of credit card processing services.

- Education, Middle Village, NY

Commercial cleaning services company looking for a credit card processing company.

- Cleaning Services, Macomb, MI

Would like to be able to process season passes, parking passes, daily admission, and daily parking.

- Government Agency, Narragansett, RI

We just need credit card processing for those purchasing books from our site.

- Retail, Clinton, MO

We are looking for bids on our payment processing services.we own supermarkets in 3 states.

- Retail, Lake City, SC